The future is coming and in travel retail it is arriving very fast. Here at Frontier we want to recognise the younger members of the industry who will become the leaders and influencers of the future – our Talent of Tomorrow. 

In any changing industry, the secret to securing your future is to prepare for it and identify the people who can help us evolve to meet the opportunities which are presented by change.

We believe the GTR industry is equipped to face and capitalise on the challenges and opportunities presented by the ongoing change in our market. We know there is a generation of young, hungry and very talented people across travel retail who are ready to take it forward into a bright and successful future.

That is why we are pleased to announce the first ever Talent of Tomorrow Awards, in partnership with Ethos Farm.

These prizes, which will be presented during the Frontier Awards in Cannes, will recognise the young names and faces in the duty free and travel retail markets who are already making their mark on this global industry. These will be the people who, in the years to come, will take up the mantle of this industry and guarantee its place at the centre of travel based commerce in the 21st century.

Closing Date is 8 June.

Why Talent Of Tomorrow?

Our industry is undergoing a fundamental transformation. Consumer behaviour has changed dramatically in a short period of time, with radical shifts in consumer habits and demographics enhanced by the growth of digital and the challenges of geo-political developments. For example, in just five years we have moved from seeing 70% impulse buying to more than 70% planned buying on the part of travellers. How this change impacts our industry will be guided by the way the innovators and decision makers in our sector react and continuously adapt. More than ever we need to focus on the people in this industry and the way we collectively attract and retain exceptional individuals, as well as inspire and elevate the stars already working within the business. Never has this been more important, especially at a time when our industry is wrestling with unprecedented risks, disruption and political and societal upheaval.

Who Can Enter?

The Talent of Tomorrow will recognise the people who represent the talent pipeline and the next generation of influencers in our growing industry. Entrants will be those who are already a leader and role model in their sector, or have the potential to become one. They will be people who drive for success and create a working environment where both their colleagues and company share that success. Finally, they will be people who are innovating and challenging the boundaries which the market presents today. Nominees must be under 35 on 3 October 2018 and have a minimum of two years’ experience in global travel retail. Entries will include a submission of between 400 and 1,000 words, which will be judged by Ethos Farm and the Frontier team. You can nominate yourself or someone else.

Why Ethos Farm?

The Talent of Tomorrow Awards have been established to identify the rising stars of our industry, those colleagues who have the potential to become our talent pipeline – our future generation of influencers. To develop and host these prestigious new awards, Frontier is proud to partner with Ethos Farm, an innovative and award-winning consulting, learning and technology company, already recognised as leading the field in their approach to talent development in our sector. Using creative selection processes and immersive learning techniques, Ethos Farm works with your business to transform your staff into custodians of your brand. Ethos Farm will work collaboratively with both the applicants and Frontier to assess and recommend award winners.  Its unique experience of working with some of the most recognised brands in the world will ensure that only the very best applicants will be recognised at this year’s Frontier Awards.