General Criteria

  • Entries must relate to products launched and activities taking places between 1 June 2018 to 31 May 2019. • Entries can relate to launches/ activities taking place globally 
  • The closing date for the Frontier Awards is 21 June 2019 • Entries can be made by individual businesses, those officially representing them or anyone wishing to nominate a relevant entrant.
  • Awards are open to sector companies of any size.
  •  All parts of the entry form must be completed online to make the entry valid. Please note that the supporting statement can be no more than 1000 words. Statements longer than this will be rejected. Please address each bullet point separately in your answer. • Each entry must be individual and tailored to the award category.
  •  Supporting materials: - Company logo required – High res. - Supporting image required – High res. - Optional supporting material – this can be a Powerpoint or PDF document including text and images of no more than 40MB in size. - Optional supporting video – 1 link. Please note compressed or .zip files will not be accepted. Please also note the company logo and image supplied in your entry will be used in the AV at the awards ceremony unless otherwise specified.
  • Using the published criteria, the panel of judges will individually allocate an initial score to each finalist using our online system.
  • The judges will then meet together for the Judging Day to discuss all the entries and choose the winners and, where appropriate, highly commended